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Inside NLO....Lens View

Walk For Life

Walk for Life was our fundraiser that was held in Monongahela in Chess Park,  We were grateful for all those that came out and supported our cause! Get time was had by all!

Concert For Life

Another fundraiser was our concert for life!  What an amazing evening spent celebrating life through songs and dance presentations!  We were honored that so many people came out to support our center!  Can only imagine what next years concert will hold!!


Our Annual Gala  event was held at the Sunset Room, we were blessed to have the amazing  speaker, Lauren Roman. She spoke from her heart and sang a very emotional song of healing. We had fellowship and shared our vision and mission for the year ahead. We are so very thankful for all who support and attended this event. 

Power Merge

The opportunity to share God's plan of Sex  with the youth  and parents has been a wonderful experience.  Allowing them to see that God values and loves them and has a plan that's greater than they could ever imagine is a blessing.  



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