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Making Better Decisions


Through sex and relationship education, we at Options help you develop skills so you can make informed choices about your behavior, and feel confident about acting on these choices. We help equip you with the skills to differentiate accurate and inaccurate information, and to discuss a wide range of moral and social issues in regards to sex and sexuality. Our aim is to reduce the negative outcomes from sexual behavior such as unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, and infection with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and establish healthy boundary centered relationships.

What We Have to Offer


* Facts on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

* Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy

* What is a Healthy Relationship?

* Dating and How to Handle Temptations

* Character Building Skills

* What is True Love?

* Setting Goals for Your Future

* Establishing Boundaries

* Order of Intimacy

* How to Handle Moral and Social Issues In Our Society

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