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Why Are You Following?!

The thought came to me, today, about how the multitudes followed Jesus for his fish and bread. My thought was actually in regards to marriages and relationships. We hear so many times that people fell out of love. Well over time the things that you used to know will change. The very thing it took to get your spouse is what it takes to keep the relationship running. And the thought has come that you may have to add something extra...go figure. Sometimes the idea is more fascinating than the actually thing. We step into marriage thinking I've got them and the work is done, however, it is just beginning.

For those ladies who are looking to be in a relationship, stop and ask yourself this question, why is he following me? Does he want to be with me for my intellectual conversations or is he after fish & loaves of bread? You may not be able to tell right away, but eventually the act will become too tedious to resume and the real nature will appear. Don't be discouraged, be of good cheer, and stand strong in your decision to remain pure and holy before the Lord. He will send you someone that will respect, honor and cherish you!

For the men, if you want a woman that you can bring home to your mother and receive her approval, be the man that that young lady can bring to her father! Respect her and be trustworthy! Don’t fall prey to the “Brick house” mentality. Eventually that house will fall and you will be left in rubble.

If you love me like Christ loved the church, we could speak and listen, trust and heal, be honest and forgive. We would honor and respect our loved one. We would care about their feelings and well-being. This would be a sincere response and not be in hopes of getting what you want. Being manipulative will never end the way you want it too! Most things that are man-made, fall apart!

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