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Casting Your Pearls Before Swine: A New Look at Sexual Education Pt 1

As I prepared to create the sexual health department at New Life Options, many things came to mind. First, I couldn't believe how God turned an assignment that was imaginary into something physical. Second, I wondered was this something that I could actually do and lastly, what was I supposed to do to get done. When people ask what I do, skepticism creeps onto their face, when I tell them I run the sexual health department at a pregnancy center, because after all the idea of abstinence is old fashioned and "NO body" is abstaining! I began with much prayer! God led me to Matthew 13:1-23. This is the parable about the farmer who planted seeds and depending on where the seed landed and how the seed grew determined the outcome of the harvest. In this parable, Jesus informs us that when his word goes out not everyone will be able to handle it. Some will receive it and be happy, but will become overwhelmed by their worries and it won't last, others simply won't understand, but those that hear it and understand will produce a harvest.

What does that have to do with sexual health, you may ask? Here it is...the Bible speaks on avoiding sexual sin. 1 Corinthians 6:12-19 lets us know that not everything is good for you. Something’s should be avoided, for your own good. It goes on to say that our bodies weren't made for sexual immorality, it was made to be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit; a temple. If we simply look at that concept, without it being a biblical concept, we would agree that no one wants to live in a place that is dirty and dilapidated! No one wants to be referred to as Pig-pen, from Charlie Brown, walking around in a cloud of dust because their dirty! Children and pets are removed from places that are deemed unsafe and unhealthy! The very act of sex causes a joining of two individual bodies to become one flesh. Nothing is more intimate than this. As Christians, we are to become joined with Christ, spiritually. The act of sex, outside of marital unions, is a sin that affects the body; a body that rightfully does not belong to us. We are to use our bodies in a way that honors Christ.

I then turned over to Matthew 7:1-6. This section talks about judging others. I can't look at other people in a judgmental way when I have my own faults and unresolved issues. I have to work on me BEFORE I plan on helping someone else. Verse 6 says, "Don't waist what is holy on people who are unholy. Don't throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you" (New Living Translation). I began to really ponder this thought and then the pieces began to fall into place. (The process may be taking longer than you hoped, but stay with me a little while longer, I promise that it will make sense!) If my body is temple, which is defined as being an edifice or place that is dedicated to the service or worship of a deity or deities (, 2014), should it not be revered as a special place that is ordained for Christ? The very idea of giving it to someone that is not my spouse violates my temple. I am giving something that Christ sees as holy so someone who is not. Anyone with cable can see the horrific outcomes of this kind of behavior on Jerry Springer or Maury! The scenario on Maury is always the same, some young girl declaring that this guy is her child's father and how the man and the child share physical characteristics. The guy's video clip comes on as he declares that he is not the father and this girl is a whore who sleeps around and he took a turn. Sometimes, he already has a girlfriend or his mother who is screaming and acting uncouth, is by his side. Sometimes it ends with him being the father or her running of the stage because he is not, with the possibility of her returning multiple times. It is appalling! This is the very scene that this verse speak about. She gave up something precious ( her pearl) to a pig, who willingly took it, trampled on it and then turned on her!

We tell our young people that it's alright to explore their sexuality, as long they protect themselves, but we are doing them a disservice! In what other area do we allow and encourage our young people to engage is risky behavior? When have you heard a mother tell her daughter that she should engage in stealing, to get that out of her system before she becomes an adult or a father tell his son that a skill every good husband should have is drinking and driving? These are both things that we know have serious and heavy consequences and that we teach children, at a young age, are not good for them to engage in. Yet, we encourage them to share the most intimate part of themselves with as many people as they like, in the hopes of being a better sexual partner for their future spouse. Twisted?! Definitely, but this is the mentality of our youth and this is what society is pushing as acceptable.

All this was typed to say, just as the parable of the farmer who scattered the seed found, that not everyone will read and understand. My prayer is that when it hits good ground the concept of saving yourself for your spouse, whether the individual be a virgin or a renewed virgin, they would be encouraged to hold on!

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